Joker Item # 091

Joker Endgame Statue.

The Endgame story line features one of the most sinister depiction of the Joker that we’ve seen and years. And a return to a “classic look.”

The best feature on this statue (besides the sculpt) are the magnetic feet that attach to the base. No more flimsy pegs!


Joker Item # 090

Pop! Dark Knight Returns Figure.

This is a Previews Exclusive figure and is just exactly what we have come to both love and expect about Funko Pop figures,fun and quirky design of a pop culture character. I love that they were able to capture one of the Joker’s darkest moments and make it “cute” while still staying true to the source material.

Now slow down Funko.

Unless you want to make a Jack Nicholson Joker figure…….


Joker Item # 089

Mini Super Powers Joker

This is a great little find. Gentle Giant released a few of the original Super Power figures and shrank them down to just a few inches tall. Even in a smaller scale, the figure is still impressive and the artwork on the card pops just like the original Kenner figure. This figure is a Walgreens Exclusive


Joker Item # 088

Lego Batman Movie Keychain.

I haven’t seen the Lego Batman Movie as of yet but plan to change that soon. I am, however, loving the look of the Joker in this film. The face and teeth capture a more kid friendly and goofy Joker as opposed to his comic counterpart. My favorite part of the sculpt has to be the suit tails.

The Lego Batman Movie has a lot of Joker merchandise so be sure to bookmark or follow this page as I post more awesome stuff!


Joker Item # 087

Pop! Bombshell Hot Topic Exclusive

Happy Valentines Day!

DC’s Bombshell line’s big draw is its classic pin-up art style, with classic characters reimagined in new costumes and design. Of course it wasn’t long until Harley Quinn would find herself revamped in this line.

The Joker was lucky enough to become part of the Bombshell line and looks like he may have fallen victim to Harley’s affection. Poor Guy.

This Pop figure is a Hot Topic Exclusive. Be on the look out for a rarer Black and White version as well.


Joker Item # 086

Arkham Asylum Mini Figure.

I have a love/hate relationship with blind bag figures. On one hand it’s fun to be surprised with which figure you will open. On the other hand, sometimes it can be tough trying to pull that one figure you really want and you get stuck with duplicates that you may not really want. (I’m looking at you Robin)

Thank God for Ebay. I couldn’t seem to pull a Joker for the life of me. I think the Arkham look for the Joker is fantastic. You have the classic Joker style with a little bit more creepiness added in.


Joker Item # 085

Suicide Squad Small Figure DC Legion of Collector’s Society Exclusive

This figure is roughly in scale with the classic GI Joe figures of the early 1980s. The detail on the figure is very exceptional despite its smaller size. The card on the figure is the best part for this figure. I love the old school bomb shape of the card. I was a little dismayed that the packaging was not a little more secure. The bubble popped itself open during the pictures for this post.


Joker Item # 084

Suicide Squad Dorbz Figure

Look at that little mischievous smile! Funko’s Dorbz figure are yet another inexpensive way to beef up your collection. I like that the Dorbz figures have a touch more detail than their Pop! counterparts, yet still keep that simplicity that Funko collectors have come to love.


Joker Item # 083

Arkham Knight Figure

The Batman Arkham series has been one of the, if not the best super hero video game franchises ever made. I haven’t played much of Arkham Knight yet but from what I have, it seems to be a solid addition.

I’m not sure what role The Joker plays yet so some of you are more familiar with this figure then I am. Looks to be a play on The Killing Joke at first glance, but with it being the video game universe, I am not entirely sure.

The figure itself isn’t too bad. Not to happy with the head sculpt or the lack of arm movement but I do like the little attention to details with things such as the band-aid on the leg.


Joker Item # 082

Suicide Squad Mezitz

I’m surprised Mezitzs are still being made. Don’t get me wrong. I think they are a pretty cool product, it just seems Funko seems to dominate that market.

This is a nice looking version of Leto’s Joker and I do like the fact that they have him in the silver suit (It hides almost all of those horrible tattoos)