Joker Item # 096

Lego Block Headz

This is a fun new product from Lego that gives a unique twist on the classic Lego mini figure build. The characters are a little bigger and are great for displaying on your shelf or desk.

This sculpt is based off the Joker’s look in the Lego Batman movie. Hopefully, we will see more Joker Brick Headz in the future.


Joker Item # 095

Red Hood Lego Minifigure

Man. Those darn blind bags. As much as I find them fun to pick up and hope for something good, I find them equally as frustrating. I could not pull a Red Hood for the life of me. Fortunately, a good friend of mine was able to hook me up with an extra.

Thanks Doug!

The mini figure itself is pretty great. Not only to you get the Classic Red Hood look, but when you remove the mask you reveal the Jason Todd version of the figure! Cool!

Now, I gotta get another one.

Joker Item # 088

Lego Batman Movie Keychain.

I haven’t seen the Lego Batman Movie as of yet but plan to change that soon. I am, however, loving the look of the Joker in this film. The face and teeth capture a more kid friendly and goofy Joker as opposed to his comic counterpart. My favorite part of the sculpt has to be the suit tails.

The Lego Batman Movie has a lot of Joker merchandise so be sure to bookmark or follow this page as I post more awesome stuff!