Joker Item # 100

Life Size Bust

Item # 100 is finally here! I hope it was worth the wait!

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Joker Item # 091

Joker Endgame Statue.

The Endgame story line features one of the most sinister depiction of the Joker that we’ve seen and years. And a return to a “classic look.”

The best feature on this statue (besides the sculpt) are the magnetic feet that attach to the base. No more flimsy pegs!

Joker Item # 075

Frank Miller Black and White Statue

Wow! Item # 75! I could not think of a better fitting item to showcase the recently released Frank Miller Black and White statue. The Dark Knight Returns is one of the greatest Batman stories ever written with its last showdown between Batman and the Joker.

Don’t worry, I have plenty more to share. Stay tuned for # 100 its gonna be EPIC.