Joker Item # 101

Hot Topic Exclusive “Beach” Joker

Summertime may be over, but when did the Joker ever follow the status quo? Packaged with his crazed lover, Harley Quinn, this Hot Topic exclusive features brand new sculpts of the demented duo.


Joker Item # 096

Lego Block Headz

This is a fun new product from Lego that gives a unique twist on the classic Lego mini figure build. The characters are a little bigger and are great for displaying on your shelf or desk.

This sculpt is based off the Joker’s look in the Lego Batman movie. Hopefully, we will see more Joker Brick Headz in the future.

Joker Item # 095

Red Hood Lego Minifigure

Man. Those darn blind bags. As much as I find them fun to pick up and hope for something good, I find them equally as frustrating. I could not pull a Red Hood for the life of me. Fortunately, a good friend of mine was able to hook me up with an extra.

Thanks Doug!

The mini figure itself is pretty great. Not only to you get the Classic Red Hood look, but when you remove the mask you reveal the Jason Todd version of the figure! Cool!

Now, I gotta get another one.

Joker Item # 094

Joker Cube Pillow

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I would like to say that is about to change but that is not the case here. You see, I just welcomed my first born into the world this past week so my priorities have switched gears just a touch.

Biggest change here is the lack of sleep.

And that’s where this item comes in. It is great for a nap and also does a swell job at supporting my arm when I’m feeding the wee one.

Also, it looks really cool and it’s quite comfortable.

Joker Item # 092

Blind Bag Classic Joker.

Here is yet another Blind Bag figure. This time, however, I was able to pull the Joker on my first try. Pro Tip: Feel for the pointed hair and rounded head. This figure can be found in the card isles of the Big Retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart.

Joker Item # 091

Joker Endgame Statue.

The Endgame story line features one of the most sinister depiction of the Joker that we’ve seen and years. And a return to a “classic look.”

The best feature on this statue (besides the sculpt) are the magnetic feet that attach to the base. No more flimsy pegs!

Joker Item # 090

Pop! Dark Knight Returns Figure.

This is a Previews Exclusive figure and is just exactly what we have come to both love and expect about Funko Pop figures,fun and quirky design of a pop culture character. I love that they were able to capture one of the Joker’s darkest moments and make it “cute” while still staying true to the source material.

Now slow down Funko.

Unless you want to make a Jack Nicholson Joker figure…….

Joker Item # 089

Mini Super Powers Joker

This is a great little find. Gentle Giant released a few of the original Super Power figures and shrank them down to just a few inches tall. Even in a smaller scale, the figure is still impressive and the artwork on the card pops just like the original Kenner figure. This figure is a Walgreens Exclusive