Joker Item # 097

Pop! Suicide Squad Target Exclusive

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Joker Item # 093

Pop! Animated Figure.

This Pop! figure is not too much different from the other several Joker Pop figures available but this one is based on the one of the best versions. Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the kooky crook in the Batman Animated Series is arguably the greatest.

And this Pop! is one of the best versions you can own if you want a “classic” Joker for your collection.

Joker Item # 090

Pop! Dark Knight Returns Figure.

This is a Previews Exclusive figure and is just exactly what we have come to both love and expect about Funko Pop figures,fun and quirky design of a pop culture character. I love that they were able to capture one of the Joker’s darkest moments and make it “cute” while still staying true to the source material.

Now slow down Funko.

Unless you want to make a Jack Nicholson Joker figure…….

Joker Item # 087

Pop! Bombshell Hot Topic Exclusive

Happy Valentines Day!

DC’s Bombshell line’s big draw is its classic pin-up art style, with classic characters reimagined in new costumes and design. Of course it wasn’t long until Harley Quinn would find herself revamped in this line.

The Joker was lucky enough to become part of the Bombshell line and looks like he may have fallen victim to Harley’s affection. Poor Guy.

This Pop figure is a Hot Topic Exclusive. Be on the look out for a rarer Black and White version as well.