Joker Item # 101

Hot Topic Exclusive “Beach” Joker

Summertime may be over, but when did the Joker ever follow the status quo? Packaged with his crazed lover, Harley Quinn, this Hot Topic exclusive features brand new sculpts of the demented duo.


Joker Item # 093

Pop! Animated Figure.

This Pop! figure is not too much different from the other several Joker Pop figures available but this one is based on the one of the best versions. Mark Hamill’s portrayal of the kooky crook in the Batman Animated Series is arguably the greatest.

And this Pop! is one of the best versions you can own if you want a “classic” Joker for your collection.

Joker Item # 090

Pop! Dark Knight Returns Figure.

This is a Previews Exclusive figure and is just exactly what we have come to both love and expect about Funko Pop figures,fun and quirky design of a pop culture character. I love that they were able to capture one of the Joker’s darkest moments and make it “cute” while still staying true to the source material.

Now slow down Funko.

Unless you want to make a Jack Nicholson Joker figure…….

Joker Item # 087

Pop! Bombshell Hot Topic Exclusive

Happy Valentines Day!

DC’s Bombshell line’s big draw is its classic pin-up art style, with classic characters reimagined in new costumes and design. Of course it wasn’t long until Harley Quinn would find herself revamped in this line.

The Joker was lucky enough to become part of the Bombshell line and looks like he may have fallen victim to Harley’s affection. Poor Guy.

This Pop figure is a Hot Topic Exclusive. Be on the look out for a rarer Black and White version as well.

Joker Item # 085

Suicide Squad Small Figure DC Legion of Collector’s Society Exclusive

This figure is roughly in scale with the classic GI Joe figures of the early 1980s. The detail on the figure is very exceptional despite its smaller size. The card on the figure is the best part for this figure. I love the old school bomb shape of the card. I was a little dismayed that the packaging was not a little more secure. The bubble popped itself open during the pictures for this post.

Joker Item # 084

Suicide Squad Dorbz Figure

Look at that little mischievous smile! Funko’s Dorbz figure are yet another inexpensive way to beef up your collection. I like that the Dorbz figures have a touch more detail than their Pop! counterparts, yet still keep that simplicity that Funko collectors have come to love.

Joker Item # 081

Pop! Mug

Funko’s Legion of Collectors subscription box is one of the best available in my opinion. Unlike Loot Crate, everything is exclusive and also unlike Loot Crate, everything comes from a specific genre. In the case of the Legion of Collectors box, everything is DC, so I know that I am going to get at least something I like every shipment.

Okay! On to the item!

This mug has that great classic Pop! Look will all know and love by now. What I really like about the design is that it is based off the first Joker Pop and has the goofy swirly eyes. What I don’t like about the mug is its shape. Its a little awkward to drink coffee out of.

I’ll probably use it as a pencil cup.

Joker Item # 077

Suicide Squad Hot Topic Pop! Exclusive

The Suicide Squad movie was a merchandising dream for Hot Topic. The characters in the film looked like they were revamped straight out the retailer.

So, it should come to as no surprise that they would have some exclusive Suicide Squad Joker items.

This Pop! figure may actually be the best version released based off the version of the figure.

Joker Item # 074

Pop! Killing Joke NYCC Exclusive

Let it to Pop to make everything cute. This figure is modeled after the famous scene in the Killing Joke graphic novel when the Joker shoots and cripples Barbra Gordon.

But look how cute he is!

This figure was an exclusive to this year’s New York Comic Con.