Comic Shops around the US of A: Evansville, IN


Comic Quest

This comic shop has something I have never seen before. Automatic doors. Kinda nice for the full handed nerd.

I’m assuming the location used to be grocery store at one point.


Comic Shops around the US of A: Clearwater FL


If you’re anything like me, a day of the beach can get a little exhausting. And what better way to relax than with a stack of new comics?

Emerald City Comics in Clearwater Florida is a pretty impressive comic shop with a large selection of back issues, toys, shirts and more. I was also impressed that this comic shop had later hours than most shops I’ve been to, open until 9 in the evening.

I think a new comic book makes a better souvenir than a crappy Florida T-shirt, don’t you?

Comic Shops around the US of A – Dr No’s, Marietta GA


Dr. No’s Comics and Games Superstore is located in Marietta GA. (not to far from Atlanta)

It’s a nice sized store with a great location. I spent some time browsing through the store and was impressed with the cool amount of stuff and the way it was organized. Too often I find a new comic shop with a lot of cool stuff but the store is too messy and cluttered to want to stay long.

Plus that name? I love it! Dr. No’s Knows.

Comic Shops Around the US of A: Omaha NE


Krypton Comics: Omaha, Nebraska

In the midst of the sea of corn and Huskers fans lies the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Krypton Comics may be one of the coolest shops in the city. To start off, the name alone made me seek it out. What comic nerd hasn’t wanted to visit Krypton? (Hopefully before the explosion)

A nice variety of new comics and back issues can be found, but what impressed me most was how many toys and action figures they had! Isles of both new and old toys can be found here!

If you ever find yourself in Omaha Nebraska, be sure to check out Krypton Comics!




I just wish I could have fit that Bat Wing into my luggage. *sigh*

Comic Shops around the US of A: Florence KY

Welcome to a new feature here at the Asylum! Comic Shops around the US of A! In my profession, I travel often. When I arrive into a new town, one of the first things I look for is a local comic shop.

The first comic book store profiled is the first one I ever went to. Comic Book World of Florence Kentucky! In the early 90’s, the days of crazy special effect covers, Image Comics and trading cards, I would often ride my bike to the shop to pick up the latest and greatest the comic world had to offer.