Joker Item # 086

Arkham Asylum Mini Figure.

I have a love/hate relationship with blind bag figures. On one hand it’s fun to be surprised with which figure you will open. On the other hand, sometimes it can be tough trying to pull that one figure you really want and you get stuck with duplicates that you may not really want. (I’m looking at you Robin)

Thank God for Ebay. I couldn’t seem to pull a Joker for the life of me. I think the Arkham look for the Joker is fantastic. You have the classic Joker style with a little bit more creepiness added in.


One thought on “Joker Item # 086

  1. I agree. I don’t buy blind bags at the stores any more for that very reason. Also, there is this thrill you feel wen you are bidding for that rare Joker figure that is just addictive…I love it!


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